How are visitor moorings marked?

The main buoy or the small-pick-up buoy of all visitors’ moorings are green.

How do we pay for an overnight stay?

If the moorings officer — Ian Tolchard — is out on the Helford River Moorings launch, he will come alongside your boat and collect the fee in person. If he is not on the river, you can contact him on VHF channel 37, call sign ‘Mooring Officer’. If there is no response, he can be contacted by telephone on 01326 221265 or 07808 071485. For information about fees, please visit the Visitors’ Moorings page.

Is there enough depth for a 2m/6.5ft keel?

Yes. All visitors’ moorings have sufficient depth to accommodate a vessel of this size.

What is the safest way to secure my boat to a visitors’ mooring?

Take hold of the pick-up buoy with the appropriate boat hook and pull the buoy on board to the point where the pick-up line is secured to a loop in the mooring chain. Secure your vessel with the mooring chain loop by placing it over the appropriate Samson post or cleat. If rafting, always ensure that your vessel is independently connected to the mooring chain.

Can we raft up alongside a friend?

Yes. As long as the vessels are under 25ft/7.6m, three or four may raft together. Larger vessels should restrict themselves to two per mooring. However, if the wind is above force five, the mooring should be used by one vessel only.

Do we have to raft in busy periods?

Yes, preferably with a vessel of a similar size.

Can we pre-book?

Yes, as long as the vessel is under 22ft/6.7m.

On what radio channel do you operate?

Channel 37. Call ‘Helford moorings’ or ‘Helford Ferry’.

Where can we dispose of our rubbish?

Rubbish can be placed in the marked bin located next to the ferryman’s kiosk at Helford Passage.

Where can we get wi-fi?

Helford Sailing Club on the north shore offers visiting yachtsmen free [?] wi-fi. Ask the club steward for the code. The river itself also has areas of good 4G mobile coverage.

Where can we get ashore in our tender?

There are several options:

• The pontoons on the south bank at Helford Point are privately owned, but you are welcome to land here and leave your tender on them for a few hours. The owner only asks that you respect his privacy, especially at night, and that you make a small contribution towards the pontoons’ upkeep. An honesty box for this purpose can be found on the side of the white hut above the pontoons.

• The ferry landing stage at Helford Point can be used to embark or disembark. However, tenders must not be left tied to either the slip or the quay as this will impede the operation of the ferry.

• Helford Sailing Club on the southern shore has a series of pontoons. It is requested that visitors tie at the end of the pontoon, leaving sufficient painter as the river dries out on larger tides.

• Tenders can be left on the beach at Helford Passage on the north shore. Tenders must not be left tied to the pontoon, as this is in constant use by the ferry.

What facilities are available?

There are numerous pubs and restaurants in the area, a number of which are listed on the Local Interest page of this website. Shower and washing facilities are available at the Helford Sailing Club

For more information, please see the Local Services page of this website.