Seasonal rental moorings are available for vessels up to 50ft (15.2m) in most areas of the river.

Our moorings are fully serviced on an annual basis.

Seasonal mooring-holders can check their mooring service status here 


Tariff inclusive of VAT

Summer season 2019
From April 1 to October 31

£30.75/ft    |    £101.00/m

Winter season 2019/20
From November 1 to March 31

£22.60/ft    |    £74.16/m


Mooring locations

The first, Durgan, shows the moorings to the east of the narrows and clustered around Durgan village.

The second, North Helford, shows the moorings to the west of the narrows and on the north flank of the river.

The third, South Helford, shows the moorings to the west of the narrows and on the south side of the river.

To identify your mooring, click on to the appropriate map*.

To the left of each map is a numerical list of all the moorings within that section of the river. Click on your mooring number and a pop-up on the map will highlight its location. If you would like the latitude and longitude position of your mooring, please contact the mooring officer on: 01326 250749 or 07808 071485.

* If in doubt as to which map to open, check the Map Locations list


seasonal mooring application:

If you wish to apply for a seasonal mooring, please complete the form here:

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